Friday, November 1, 2013

What's in My Stack: The Mindy Edition

Hey RFSers!  This is Mindy!  I know, right?  The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated. I am, in fact, alive and kicking.   I haven't been reading a lot of adult fiction lately, and feel a bit out of the book loop when it comes to grown up reads.  Instead, I've been spending a lot of my free time reading to my kids and re-reading some of my most recent favorites - The Giver, Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Delirium, Cinder, Scarlet, Enclave, Outpost, Divergent, and Insurgent.  I've even been spending time with Pittacus Lore. It's definitely low-stress reading, which is exactly what I need right now in my stack.

A lot of my favorite series are ending soon, and some have just released (or will soon be releasing) new books.  Here is what I'm looking forward to reading in the next few months:

ALLEGIANT, the final book in the Divergent Trilogy, came out last week and I finally have it!  I'm re-reading the DIVERGENT and INSURGENT, so I haven't cracked it yet...but soon.  Very soon.  If you've been waiting to read it till all the books were is the time.  Generally, I'm not a fan of e-books, but I do enjoy when an author releases a side story to enhance the book -- or a story told from another character's perspective.  I call them e-bits.  There are several of these types of e-bits available for this series.  You can purchase Four's version of the knife throwing scene - here - and another from his perspective here.  Three more e-bits are scheduled to be released in the next few months, leading up to the March 2014 release of the Divergent movie in theaters March 2014.  Fans of the series can watch the trailer here, but new readers beware -- it does contain some spoilers!


HORDE, the final book in the Razorland Trilogy is out!  I loved reading ENCLAVE and OUTPOST  (and e-book Endurance) and can't wait to see what happens next.


CRESS, is the third book in the Lunar Chronicles and, unfortunately, I'll have to wait a bit before this book is actually IN my stack.  It comes out early next year.  CINDER and SCARLET (Elizabeth's review) were so amazing that I might die of impatience before February 2014.

UNITED WE SPY, the final book in the Gallagher Girls Series about a finishing school that is secretly a high secret spy academy. If the sixth book is anything like the first five (I'd Tell You I Love You, But Then I'd Have to Kill You / Cross My Heart and Hope to Spy, Don't Judge a Girl By Her Cover, Only the Good Spy Young, and Out of Sight, Out of Time) then I'll be a happy camper.


THE FALL OF FIVE, is the fourth book of (likely) five in the Lorien Legacies.  I've really enjoyed disappearing into the the previous books (I am Number Four, The Power of Six, and The Rise of Nine (unreviewed), as well as several sidestories in e-book form), so this one should make for a fun afternoon.


GRACELING.  Okay, so I'm planning to re-read this one. I loved it last time, and I'm sure I'll love it again...but I need to refresh my memory so that I can properly read FIRE (Kari's review) and BITTERBLUE  (follow-ups in the Graceling Realm).


So...that's my stack.  You probably noticed a theme.  What can I say? Even when I'm not blogging, I still read to feed my sanity.   Right now, my sanity wants fun, adventure, romance, and feminine characters that kick butt.  These books have all that and more.  Time to dive in!

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