Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Eterna - D.P. Davidson

Summary:  What would you do if you had all the time in the world? In the beginning it might seem like a dream come true, but Jetta Hart knows better. What good is eternal life when everyone around you dies.

As the plague destroyed her village, she caught the eye of a rogue monk who offered her protection from the death around her, but when she refused him, his protection became a curse.

More than six centuries later she has closed herself off from the world to save herself from the loss of loved ones who inevitably go where she cannot follow. She spends her days in a bookstore coffee shop biding her time, waiting for an end that will never come when she meets a kindred spirit. 

In the aftermath of a terrible accident she finally shares her secret in the hopes of easing her loneliness, but there is more to her curse than she realizes. (Image and summary from

My Review:  Tucker has fallen in love, and it doesn't even matter that he's never worked up the gumption to speak to her.  When the stunning Jetta leaves a very special book behind, he chases after her, only to see her hit by a car and possibly killed ... until a doctor whispers to her and brings her back to life.  Intrigued, he follows her to the hospital and determines to get to the bottom of things.

Jetta has lived longer than she ever imagined, or desired, and in that time she has seen more than  her fair share of sorrow.  When she realizes that Tucker is truly interested in why, she decides to take one more chance and let him in.

I picked this book up in the midst of post-flu recovery, and it was the perfect book for the circumstance.  Suspenseful enough to keep my silly little sick brain from falling asleep, but not so taxing that I dreaded reading it.  As a matter of fact, I was quite happy I was sick so that I could indulge and finish this book in one or two sittings!  

Davidson has crafted another wonderful world to delve into.  Her characters ring true, and although there is magic and supernatural phenomena, it's delicately woven into our own world so as to be completely believable.  An added bonus - there is a cameo at the end of the book that made me want to revisit the Push series.  

Sometimes, books are meant to be an escape, and Eterna is a great little escape in the midst of all of the busy!

My Rating:  Four Stars

For the sensitive reader:  There is an evil monk obsessed with Jetta and he's not the best example of a man of the cloth.

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