Monday, February 17, 2014

Find Momo - Andrew Knapp

Summary:  Momo is a border collie.  He is hiding in each of these photographs.  Can you find him?
(Image from  I was provided a copy of Find Momo at no charge in exchange for my opinion.)

My Review:  Andrew Knapp was hiking one day with his collie when he took a funny snapshot of his dog hiding behind a tree.  He posted it on instagram, and it got so many likes that the Find Momo project took on a life of its own.

Just a few short years later, Knapp found himself able to publish a few of his favorite photographs into a Where's Waldo? type book, interspersed with facts and funny stories about Momo and their adventures.

My daughter and I have really, really enjoyed this book over and over.  She loves the hide-and-seek opportunities to find Momo, who really is an amazing dog and a pretty good hider, and I appreciate Knapp's obvious talent and amazing eye for photography.  His photographs are stunning.  The adventures that he and his dog go on are amazing, and inspire me to get out and explore nature with my dog - although, my dog is lazy and I'm not a master photographer.

The facts and stories about Momo have endeared him to my daughter, and they're not too numerous. I appreciated that the focus was on the photography.  We both appreciated that there is a handy answer guide for those pictures that were too hard for us - there aren't too many, but Momo is a really good hider!  If you're interested in photography, or if you have children who like dogs, this is definitely a book to check out soon!

My Rating: Five stars

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