Monday, February 24, 2014

Growing Pains

We love reading.  If it were our choice, we'd probably spend all day with our noses in our books, while automated beings took care of the cleaning and the cooking and the filing and the working and the other book-inhibiting activities we have that we also call life.

However, despite our wishes on eyelashes and stars and birthday candles, scientists STILL haven't created a Jetsons-type world for us yet, and it is this world in which we must live.  We really do like this world, too ... our families are here, and they're pretty important!

Over the next few months, you may not see us as much.  We'll still be here, and we're still reading, but we want to make sure that we retain the quality of our reviews.  We love being able to share our opinions with you, and we are so grateful you come visit us!  Look for our reviews twice-weekly for the next little while, and you'll still find us posting over on Facebook.

Happy Reading!

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