Friday, February 21, 2014

Series Spotlight - The Bloody Jack Series by L.A. Meyer

Have I mentioned how much I love  I have such a long list of what I want to read, and what I've actually read, and I love hearing about books my friends have loved and recommend.  Sometimes, they click with me.  Sometimes, I wonder about my friends' taste in literature.  (Not frequently, but sometimes.  Ha!)

Anyway, I'm a ridiculously voracious reader.  It doesn't help that I read quickly, and I always have to have a book on hand or I feel incomplete.  So, when I hear about a series that is worth looking into (especially if it already has a few books out), it's a good, good thing!  And my favorite place to hear about series?  Goodreads.

That's how I heard about Jacky Faber, our protagonist of the Bloody Jack series.  A friend of a friend, whose taste in books echoes mine, was raving about how much fun this series is, and I decided to check it out.

Jacky Faber is a ten-year-old street urchin from the slums of London.  She's lucky, however, in that she remembers her parents fondly (they died of a cholera outbreak), and in her ability to read.  When the leader of her street gang is killed, she decides to pretend she's a boy, enlist in His Majesty's Royal Navy, and forever set London behind her.  The first few chapters of the novel are almost impossible to read, as Meyer writes as Jacky thinks and speaks.  The fun, however, is in seeing her transformation from street rat to sailor (and receiving a minimal education to boot).  

The series currently consists of eleven book, and they have completely enthralled me.  Jacky Faber is a delight.  Her secret is discovered at the end of the book, but being shipped to a finishing school in Boston certainly doesn't dampen her spirits.  Or keep her out of trouble.  

I should warn you.  As Jacky ages, she gets herself into more scrapes than one would think humanly possible.  I have to read the series, I have no choice in the matter, but Jacky has started to get on my nerves a bit.  She's witty, intelligent, quick thinking, and through the course of the series she has created quite an empire, but man, she can be ridiculously stupid about some things.  Meyer has just announced the final book in the series (in 2015), and you can be certain I'll be diving in the moment I get my hands on it!  All that aside, this really is a fun series to dive into!

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