Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A is for Abinadi - Heidi Poelman

Summary:  In this adorably illustrated alphabet book, children will discover stories o the amazing men and women in the scriptures.  Each page features a letter from the alphabet that corresponds to a hero from the Bible or Book of Mormon.  For added fun, readers can search for hidden objects that start with that letter, too.

Use this book to teach your children power examples of courage, obedience, faith, and friendship.  Your children will love learning about spiritual heroes form Abinadi to Zoram, while practicing their ABCs! (Image from goodreads.com, summary from the back of the book.  A copy of the book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review.)

My Review:  It's no secret that getting LDS-based scripture books is a little more difficult in Texas than it was when we lived in Utah.  But with three young ones at home, I had to have this book!  We piled on the couch and had a great time reading it.  The illustrations are hilarious - for example, Daniel and the lions are dancing while one plays the drums and another eats a donut.  The bricks on Captain Moroni's wall each have a "C" theme.  Some angered Nephite was so enraged with Samuel the Lamanite, he threw a skunk.  All three of my kids loved looking for the hidden objects in the illustrations while I read about the highlighted prophet. They continued to fight over the copy long after we were finished reading.

We love having a well-stocked church bag, and this is a welcome and wonderful addition.  Not only are my children learning the basics about the prophets, scripture heroes, and key events in the scriptures, they are wholly engaged by the book.  The descriptions are well-suited for children, not too long, well-written, and geared to pique their interest in the scriptures.  As a mom, I don't think I could ask for more from this book!

My Rating:   Five stars

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Getting Your Read On said...

This is a book my kids would have loved when they were little! The perfect take to church book.


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