Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Legacy Letters - Carew Papritz

Summary:  From Our Family to You...

Out of the more than two hundred letters written by our father, our family eventually chose over forty for the publication of this particular book.  Our most difficult task was deciding not only which letters to leave in, but which to take out, for many are wise as others are magical, many enlightening, as others are haunting.

Throughout the years, these life letters, love letters, and spiritual letters have instructed us, inspired us, even helped define us.  Many have become family favorites.  Others are personally intimate.  Some are magnificent.  And all are truly revealing.  His words, much like the songs he also left to us, are soulful, curious, provocative, tragic, passionate, and timeless.

Through these letters, a man discovered his life.  In these letters, we found our father.  His final gift, to our mother and to us, changed our lives forever.  Yet we know this gift cannot end with us.  Now this gift must be given to you, the reader, to find your own wisdom, inspiration, and hope within these Legacy Letters - and hopefully and somehow changed forever.  (Book given free for review.  Summary from book jacket cover.  Image from

My Review:  The above summary does a thorough enough job setting up the story, so I won't elaborate further.  Thinking about this though, wouldn't everyone want to have letters of advice from their father?  At least, I would hope you'd want advice from your father if he was a good man.  And even if you didn't have a father that could or would give you solid advice, this is a nice way of getting that kind of advice from another source.  We could all use to have a little perspective added to our lives.  Because it truly isn't until you know you're going to lose everything that you evaluate deeply what matters in life and how you want to spend your time. 

I think this book should be read slowly; for example, a letter a day.  When you're reading it like a novel, it loses its substance.  Each letter is full of imagery and descriptive language.  Surrounding these descriptions are a lifetime's worth of advice.  While I appreciated the advice, I've never been one who has enjoyed long-winded writing.  It's just not my taste. I do know there are many out there who thoroughly enjoy a verbose description of ones surroundings and such.  Therefore, if you're a fan of Dickens, but don't like how much of a downer most of his stories are, this might be the book for you.  If you like Tolkien, but need a break from fantasy, this might be the book for you.  While I enjoyed the idea behind the book and the sentiment, I can't say I thoroughly enjoyed it.
For the sensitive reader:  A few swear words here and there, but mostly of the Biblical sort.

Rating: 3.5 stars--a bit too romantic (not the lovey-dovey romantic, but more of the classic Romeo and Juliet, drawn to intense emotion romantic) and verbose for my tastes.

Sum it up:  A sentimental compilation of letters meant as advice for life.

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