Monday, July 28, 2014

Are My Books .... DOOMED?!

I've had a few conversations lately about the whole ebook vs. real books.  It's an interesting debate - and I find humor in how passionate people are about their stance.  I've heard people swear that actual books will be completely out of date within five years, and people who scoff at the whole ebook trend in general.

As the site administrator of a book review blog, I pay attention to the debates.  I'm not an ebook fan.  I've read a few, and they have some perks, but I greatly prefer a real book.  Lugging over 40 for my family on a recent vacation is a small price to pay in my mind!  (Maybe not in my back ...)

Anyway, I found this incredible infographic and wanted to share.  What do you guys think?  My official stance is "Reading is Reading.  The end."  (Personally, though, hand me that book!!)


Jill said...

Personally, I love my e-reader. Especially for Travel: I don't have to pack a special suitcase just for books! I don't have to run out to Walmart to find something to read when I run out of something to read (after packing one book for each day of vacation and one more just in case!) I take it to the ball games and don't have to worry about finishing the book I'm reading, I always have more with me. So easy and convenient, if it gets dark, I can still see. IT's so light it doesn't bother the arthritis in my hands and wrists. I love my Kindle! I can't imagine life without it now. Now I have already read 70 books this year, so a Kindle is best for me, but may not be best for everyone. I just wanted to express my joy and love for my Kindle!

Kristian said...

I'm a hybrid who uses real books 99% of the time. I rather a physical book because I know that it's mine. Like the company can not go out of business and my ebook is gone. But if you travel alot (especially fly!) I totally understand why ebooks are for you. To me, I don't see either going away. Everyone has their preference.


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