Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Great Deals on E-Books

One thing about me - I love my Kindle and I love e-books. Not here to start a war. I would never give up print books in a billion years and my favorite books I buy in both formats, but I love the portability and convenience of e-books. And I also love the lower prices of them.

For any other e-book fans, I wanted to share the best ways to get free or deeply discounted e-books. With all of these sites, you subscribe to receive a daily email that shows you free or cheap books based solely on your preferences. You don't get spammed with genres you don't care for. It's awesome.


The Fussy Librarian




Bookbub is the largest of these types of sites. If you only subscribe to one, it should be Bookbub. The Fussy Librarian is cool because when you subscribe, you can control your level of sensitivity to language, sex, and violence, designating if you're okay with anything, okay with mild stuff, or want absolutely none of it at all. No more shocking surprises mid-book! All of these sites feature both best-selling authors and indie unknowns, but since each site rigorously screens what they recommend, you should never end up with one of those cringe-inducing indie books that should have never been published. It's a pretty sweet way to maximize your reading budget and introduce yourself to some really great books.

Remember - even if you don't have an e-reader, you can get an app for your smart phone, tablet, or computer so you have access to everything. The Kindle app was the first thing I downloaded when I got my phone.

The one GIANT drawback to these sites is that EVERY DAY I see a book I want to read. And when it's $0.99 or free, I can't pass it up. I just can't keep up with my to-read list. And if that's my biggest problem, life is pretty good.

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