Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dangerous - Shannon Hale

Summary:  Maisie Danger Brown just wanted to get away from home for a bit, see something new. She never intended to fall in love. And she never imagined stumbling into a frightening plot that kills her friends and just might kill her, too. A plot that is already changing life on Earth as we know it. There's no going back. She is the only thing standing between danger and annihilation.

From NY Times bestselling author Shannon Hale comes a novel that asks, How far would you go to save the ones you love? And how far would you go to save everyone else? (Summary and image from

My Review:  Maisie has lived a small life.  She's 15, homeschooled, her best friend is homeschooled, her parents are great, if a little protective, and while she dreams of being an astronaut, she's aware that with one arm, it's a long shot.  That all changes when she wins a three-week Astronaut Camp Experience.

Her fireteam (she and three other sweepstakes winners) wins a grand prize - a chance to see Dr. Howell's innovative Space Elevator in action.  Without realizing it, such a prize will not only change their lives, but the world.

Before I actually review this, I'd like to formally apologize to my Thursday classes ... I was so distracted thinking about where Hale was going to take Maisie and the fireteam, we may have overdone some muscle groups.  And underdone others.  Oh, and then there was that whole Zumba kerfuffle.  I blame Shannon Hale!!

Shannon Hale is simply too talented for fairness.  She launches into the YA/Sci-fi genre with no awkwardness, I felt like she'd been writing this genre forever.  Her story stuck with me (hence the oopsies in class!), moving so quickly that putting the book down wasn't an option in case the characters did something without me.  Her characters are believable, flawed, real, and relatable.  Even her side characters had amazing backstories.  It really felt as though they were real people with real experiences.

I would have happily read an entire series in the thread of The Hunger Games, Divergent, or Legend to get the complete story - that's how hooked I was.  However, I was pleasantly surprised to get the whole story the first time around.  I don't like HAVING to read another book for a conclusion (I'm looking at you, Jacky Faber!).  But were Maisie ever to return?  Yeah, I'd be the first in line to read that.  I'm excited to see what else Shannon has up her sleeve (because, in my mind, we're on a first-name basis now).  She never ceases to amaze!

My Rating: Four and a half stars

For the sensitive reader:  There is quite a bit of violence, some death, and some serious kissing that Maisie stops before it goes too far.

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Sally T. said...

I JUST finished reading this book! Seriously - I was up until 2 AM last night to finish it. I concur with your review. :-) It was fantastic. Thank you for sharing!


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