Monday, November 17, 2014

I Thought Scout Uniforms were Fireproof - Shane Barker

Summary:  Finally! A perfect resource for any leader who's ever had trouble creating scouting programs and activities compelling enough to compete with school, sports, jobs, and the thousands of other activities in your scout's life. These ideas, hints, and tips will spark your imagination and make scouting activities the highlight of your boys' week.  (Summary and image from  I was provided a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.)

My Review:  My son is a cub scout.  The first time I walked into the scouting store here in the DFW area, the employees not only welcomed me with open arms, they guided me through the store, helping me choose what I needed to start his journey.  It'll be a long one, as my husband is holding with his family tradition of withholding a driver's license until the Eagle is completed.  (Truthfully, I'm rooting for a near-to-the-end finish!)

This is a great resource for scouting leaders both of the cub and the boy--even the girl--variety.  Barker has been involved in scouting for years, and his experiences have helped him discern what works and what doesn't.  He has anecdotes showing how to increase troop morale, how to make everything, from knot tying to inspections, fun, and excellent advice about how to better interact with the troop boys.  While I'm not yet a scout leader, I found myself making mental notes of my friends who are who may be interested in the nuggets of wisdom in this book.  I also found myself tucking ideas away for my own family - this little book is chock full of them!

I have a feeling that as we stay in scouting (we have about 15 more years), this book is going to be worth its weight in gold!

My Rating:  Four and a half stars

For the Sensitive Reader:  The author is LDS and makes mention of various positions in the Church of Jesus Christ.  

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