Monday, November 3, 2014

I Want to do Yoga, Too - Carole P. Roman

Summary:  Hallie and her mother go to the yoga studio. Hallie wants to join her mom's yoga class, but she isn't allowed. She complains to the babysitter, who gently guides her through four yoga poses. Hallie learns that not only is yoga easy, but fun as well. (Summary and image from  I was provided a copy of the book in exchange for  an honest review.)

My Review:  I have to be honest.  I didn't really like this book the first time I read it.  My oldest and I read it in about a minute and a half, and then forgot about it.  Weeks passed.  School started.  Busy life set in. One night, my husband whisper-called to me to get upstairs quickly.  I ran upstairs, only to have him meet me in the family room gesturing to be quiet as he pointed to my daughter's room, who is six and is just realizing how much fun it can be to lose yourself in a book.  I stuck my head in, and there was my daughter, with my yoga mat and I Want to do Yoga, Too, practicing her poses.  She was fascinated.  It's now become her nighttime routine - she does all the basics, then pulls out my yoga mat and "her" yoga book, and goes through her stretches.

Not surprisingly, seeing her reaction to the book made me revisit it.  From her eyes, and how wonderfully it's impacted her.  It's made my appreciation of the book grow exponentially, and has reminded me the benefit of reading in your level.  Picture books are wonderful for EVERY age group, don't get me wrong, but finding one that resonates and changes your child?  That's so priceless!

My Rating: Five stars ... there's just nothing cuter than a darling little redhead in tree pose.


MindySue said...

I love that your daughters loves this book, and that her loving it changed your perspective. So cool!

Carole P. Roman said...

I am so glad you revisited the book. I wrote it for my granddaughter who had a fair amount of challenges at the time. While everything came easily from crawling to talking for her cousins, she worked so very hard to do things others merely think and do. One of the places she shined was yoga, so I aimed the book to make her feel really special about what she was accomplishing. Oddly enough, when I read the book at schools, kids love the simplicity of the story, and it reinforced that old chestnut that sometimes less is more. I am delighted your daughter is enjoying it! Namaste, Carole

Marsh Mayhem said...

Carole, that just made me love this book even more! Thank you!!


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