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The Gym Life Cooking Technique Book - Colin Stuckert

Summary:  From the Gym Life Manifesto

WIth how important food is in the "looking good" formula, it's amazing just how lazy people get when it comes to the kitchen.  And their results always suffer because of it.  It's a correlative relationship: the more work in the kitchen, the more it shows in the mirror.  (Summary from back of the book.  Book given free for review.  Image from

My Review:  I'm not a cook--more accurately put, I don't enjoy cooking.  I can follow a recipe and have it turn out and have spent plenty of time preparing meals for my family. I just don't enjoy it.  To say I know what I'm doing in the kitchen isn't  completely honest: I just know how to do the basics and maybe a little beyond that.  When I was offered this book for review I was hoping to learn just a bit more about cooking techniques beyond the basics.  I think my hopes were a little misguided.  This book is truly for beginners in the kitchen.  And there are probably plenty of people who could really learn a lot from what Stuckert has to share.  My mother raised me to cook low-fat and how to substitute ingredients or cut down on ingredients you don't need.  Therefore, this was a good refresher for me, but not anything new.

The book's format is easy to read and follow.  It's set up in a logical progression for learning something new with logical, valid points.  And, there are great recipes in the back to try out (not many, but some) with some solid advice on how to season and cook meat without a  high fat content.
He even shares some dessert recipes--you don't have to give it all up!
The emphasis of this book is to help those who are interested in cooking healthy meals for themselves, especially if they are conscious of losing weight or looking at their physical peak.  And it's true that what you eat makes a big difference in reaching those goals.  If you're someone who needs a little help in getting started cooking and eating healthier to reach your fitness goals, this is probably the book for you.  I think I was just hoping for something a little longer that went a little further than the basics.

Rating: 3 Stars

Sum it up:  A little small, but for a true beginner of cooking, this would be a helpful book.

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Kristin (Book Sniffers Anonymous) said...

Sucks that you didn't find what you were looking for with this book. I think you'd like a more specific cookbook like a cookbook geared to a type of food (soups, casseroles, etc) or even a cookbook that deals with cultural food like Moroccan, Spanish, etc. That way you will learn different techniques and try different ingredients that you wouldn't otherwise use in every day cooking. I can't speak for this book but most diet/workout books tend to be basic "baked chicken" "salad" "lentils" as apposed to a hearty comfort dish. Maybe not so good if you're trying to lose weight but it will definitely broaden your culinary knowledge and impress the pants off of those you are cooking for. ;)
Kristin @ Book Sniffers Anonymous


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