Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Woven - Michael Jensen and David Powers King

Summary:  Two unlikely allies must journey across a kingdom in the hopes of thwarting death itself.

All his life, Nels has wanted to be a knight of the kingdom of Avërand. Tall and strong, and with a knack for helping those in need, the people of his sleepy little village have even taken to calling him the Knight of Cobblestown.

But that was before Nels died, murdered outside his home by a mysterious figure.

Now the young hero has awoken as a ghost, invisible to all around him save one person—his only hope for understanding what happened to him—the kingdom’s heir, Princess Tyra. At first the spoiled royal wants nothing to do with Nels, but as the mystery of his death unravels, the two find themselves linked by a secret, and an enemy who could be hiding behind any face.

Nels and Tyra have no choice but to abscond from the castle, charting a hidden world of tangled magic and forlorn phantoms. They must seek out an ancient needle with the power to mend what has been torn, and they have to move fast. Because soon Nels will disappear forever.
   (Summary and image from  I was provided a copy in exchange for an honest review.)

My Review:  I can honestly say I've been waiting to review this book for years! David King's sister was a neighbor of mine in Illinois, and mentioned in passing about this awesome book her brother was writing. She put us in contact, and I was pretty intrigued about what I heard.  Time passed, a deal fell through, a better deal was struck, and I FINALLY got to hold Woven in my hands!

And it didn't even disappoint!  I have that problem a lot - if I have to wait too long to read a book I want, sometimes I build it up so much in my head that the real thing is kind of a letdown.  But the magic and the fantasy that Jensen and King have created is truly unique.  I loved their fresh take on the fantasy genre, and found myself sucked in by the story and the characters.  Their spins on reality were well-explained (always a danger when you're entering a new world) and I loved the continuity that their chosen threads of magic lent the story.

If you think you recognize the name, or David Powers King, you might.  King has been a contributor here before, and we've been following the progress of Woven for quite a while on our facebook page.  It's funny how invested I found myself in this book, and how pleased I am that it's finally out in the world!

My Rating:  Four stars

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