Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Mouse's First Halloween by Lauren Thompson

Summary: Join Mouse on a spooky fall night. He hears bats flying, leaves falling, and children singing, "Trick or Treat!" What can it mean? Find the answer in this sturdy board book edition of the best-selling picture book.

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Review: This is a favorite board book at my house all year long. It's too fun for kids to only bring it out at Halloween.

It is a book for babies or toddlers with lots of repetition. As Mouse runs around on Halloween night, different shapes in the dark and sounds in the night raise his hackles and pique his curiosity, causing him to exclaim, "Eeeek! What could it be?" on every page. Kids love to jump in on the repetition and squeak with Mouse as he discovers scampering kittens, winking jack-o-lanterns, and swooping bats. I enjoyed this book so much that I sought out other "Mouse's First" books, only to be disappointed. This is my favorite by far.

Rating: 3.75 stars. My kids do love this book and would probably give it 5 stars, but let's be real--it's a repetitious children's board book. It's cute and memorable, but it is what it is.

For the sensitive reader--nothing to worry about here! 

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BarbCarol said...

Makes me wish my grandchildren were toddlers again.


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