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Brink of Dawn - Jeff Altabef & Erynn Altabef

Summary: Follow-up to the multiple award-winning Wind Catcher

They walk among us as if they are gods.
Only the Chosen know what they are.
Only the Chosen know to fear them.
And only the Chosen can defeat them.

Evolved Publishing presents the second book in the multiple award-winning Chosen series of young adult mystery thrillers, which feature an American Indian fantasy and supernatural theme, from the same author who brought you the award-winning thriller Shatter Point, and his daughter.

Juliet Wildfire Stone and her best friend, Troy Buckhorn, barely escaped their sleepy Arizona town alive. Now they’re speeding to New York City to find the three other Chosen. The Chosen must band together to face an ancient foe that threatens all humanity.

Yet Juliet doesn’t know whom to trust, and strange things are happening in the City.

The Chosen will be tested, their resolve questioned, and their flaws exposed. Each must decide whether he or she will fulfill their destiny—or run. To defeat the enemy, they must stop battling among themselves and overcome their own struggles.

Only one can lead them. Will Juliet embrace her powers in time?

Brink of Dawn picks up where the multiple-award-winning first book in the Chosen series, Wind Catcher, left off, but it can also be read as a stand-alone novel. Continue the adventure! And be sure to watch for the third and final installment in this exciting series, Scorched Souls, to launch in late 2016.

WINNER: Readers' Favorite Awards -- Gold Medal 2015: Young Adult Coming-of-Age

WINNER: Mom's Choice Awards -- Silver Medal: Young Adult Books

WINNER: Beverly Hills Books Awards - 2015: Best Young Adult Fiction

WINNER: Awesome Indies -- Seal of Approval: "A treat to read."
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I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

Review: Sometimes it’s difficult to read a sequel either because it starts so fast that unless you just barely finished the one before it you have no idea what is going, or­—and this is just as bad—it starts off so slowly that you probably didn’t even need to read the first one to know exactly what’s going on. I am happy to report that Brink of Dawn was actually a good mix of both—it started out with an exciting scene but there was enough back story as things went on that I remembered what was going on. I don’t usually re-read the first book in a series, so I was happy about this. I like knowing what’s going on but I don’t need the entire book again. All I need is just a few refreshers and this is a strong point in this book. The Altabefs do a good job of keeping the pacing. I think that adventure novels—especially YA novels—need to have good pacing. Without it the story falls flat and it stops feeling like an adventure and more like a slog. This one moves along quickly, covering a good amount of ground while still giving the reader a sense of what’s going on. I really appreciated that.

As far as the story, I would put this on the upper end of YA paranormal fantasy/dystopian fare. It had lots of elements to make it interesting, and the special powers given to the characters were interesting and unique. It’s got the standard “chosen” thing going on, which is obviously not unheard of for a book like this, but I think that that’s okay in the YA genre. I don’t expect everything to be unique and never heard of not only because it’s YA and readers enjoy what they enjoy, even if they’ve read something similar to it before, but also because these features may actually be unique to younger readers. They’re probably not as old and jaded as many adult readers, so that makes it okay. That being said, I think the storyline and the book is unique enough. It doesn’t make me immediately think of any other book, and it’s a cool story with some fun twists and differences from the other books in the genre.

I also liked the variety of characters. There were people of varying abilities, which always make for some fun character and story tension. I liked the characters, too. I thought they were relatable and realistic-esque. You know, as realistic as you can be with superhuman powers.

I think what I really missed about the first book was the Native American lore. This particular addition to the series doesn’t talk much about that, and in fact has switched more to aliens, which I don’t like nearly as much. I really liked the interweaving of Native American culture with a paranormal element, and I missed that.

Overall, I think this book stands strongly in the YA paranormal/fantasy/dystopian genre. If that‘s your thing, you should check this out. It’s an indy book, which makes it cool and different and something maybe you haven’t heard of before.

My Rating: 4 Stars

For the sensitive reader: There is some language but nothing too serious.

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