Friday, September 23, 2016

Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio - Peg Kehret

Summary: Ten years ago, in a riveting story of courage and hope, Peg Kehret wrote of the months she spent in a hospital when she was 12. The book deeply touched readers of all ages and received many awards and honors. This anniversary edition includes an updated and extended Epilogue, 12 pages of new photos, and a new section about polio.  Summary and image from

Review: My generation and subsequent generations will never know the terror that came with a polio diagnosis.  As a formerly pervasive and deadly disease, our generations have benefitted from its eradication in most of the world, predicted to be global eradication of the disease.  However, it wasn't that long ago that many children and even more parents feared the word, knowing it could be a death sentence.

Small Steps chronicles the long, terrifying, and difficult year of Peg Kehret, a survivor of this horrid disease.  Her words, written for children, are so sweet and pure as she describes the pain, the fear, and even the boredom that came with her diagnosis.  Because her diagnosis came during a time of research and experimentation, she was blessed with cutting-edge therapies that saved her life and preserved her ability to walk. 

My son and I read this book together. and it touched me to see how much Kehret's story impacted him. He was so amazed at her resilience, at her ability to live in a hospital for the better part of a year, and her physical therapy and her determination.  Even better, he read this book two or three more times on his own. 

As a mother, this was a difficult book for me to read -- simply because of the emotions that were involved. Putting that aside, it's one everyone should read. 

Rating: Five stars

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Looks good. Thanks for the review.


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