Monday, November 14, 2016

The Siren - Kiera Cass

Summary: ”You must never do anything that might expose our secret. This means that, in general, you cannot form close bonds with humans. You can speak to us, and you can always commune with the Ocean, but you are deadly to humans. You are, essentially, a weapon. A very beautiful weapon. I won't lie to you, it can be a lonely existence, but once you are done, you get to live. All you have to give, for now, is obedience and time..." 

The same speech has been given hundreds of times to hundreds of beautiful girls who enter the sisterhood of sirens. Kahlen has lived by these rules for years now, patiently waiting for the life she can call her own. But when Akinli, a human, enters her world, she can't bring herself to live by the rules anymore. Suddenly the life she's been waiting for doesn't seem nearly as important as the one she's living now. Summary and image from

Review:  Sometimes, a girl just needs to read something fluffy.  I’m a fan of Cass’ Selection series for that very reason, and stumbled upon this book while updating my Goodreads account. Also, when you’re preparing/recovering from major surgery, fluff is the most your medicinally addled brain can handle, so I checked it out. 

I was pleasantly surprised.  I loved the premise, the story of a Siren and the constraints that such a power would place on a person.  I was surprised at the humanity and the moral challenge Cass injected into her characters, including the Ocean.  Yes, the Ocean itself is a character, and one that I found myself sorrowing for. The moral and intellectual growth that the Sirens can undergo, the potential they have versus the power they wield, this fluffy, brainless book proved to be a little more thought-provoking than I’d originally expected.

While there’s a part of me that wishes that the heroines in our books could feel complete without a Man, I also recognize love makes life complete and that it can fill a hole that only it can fill.

Whoa, I nearly went on a tangent there!  This is a book I’d recommend if you just need something happy and a little fluffy.  I’d also have no qualms handing it to a thirteen year old girl.  Sweet and clean.

Rating: Four stars

For the Sensitive Reader: Squeaky clean.  Although there is an implication of murder.

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