Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bright Christmas: An Angel Remembers - Andrew Clements

Summary: A lovely blend of words and pictures presents the Christmas story from an angel's point of view. Daring in its attempt to explain the idea of eternity, the book rises above the mediocre as an angel explains how the supernatural has interacted with the real world to bring truth.--ALA Booklist. (Summary and image from goodreads.com)

Review: It’s always tricky picking up a Christmas book, isn’t it? Either it’s overtly commercialized, making Christmas seem all about presents and candy and greed, or it’s sanitized.  This beautiful book, with stunning pictures, is a simple, wonderful story about an Angel’s memory of THAT NIGHT. 

The symbolism of singing truths, of angels heralding in truth throughout time through music, of the light that their songs bring is much deeper than just a simple story to read to a child.  Yes, children will enjoy the pretty pictures and the message “Christ is Born”.  But it has been written in such a clever and truthful way that adults will find their hearts touched as well.  

I loved the way that Clements tied the Truth of Christ’s coming throughout the Bible, and how the light from the Christmas Star became more than a way to point the Wise Men to the Christ Child’s location, but a symbol of truth, of the culmination of every prophecy leading up to His birth. 
Commercialized Christmas books are fun, and my children truly do enjoy them.  But there are times I find myself hungering for a book that can better impart why Christmas is so special for our family, and this book is an excellent starting point for that.

Rating: Five stars

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