Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Ultimate Guide to Grandmas & Grandpas - Sally Lloyd-Jones (illustrated by Michael Emberley)

Summary:  Did you know that when you have a grandma or a grandpa, there are guidelines for how best to take care of them?  There are all sorts of special things you need to do to make them feel loved.  Now here at last is a manual packed with advice, pointers, and helpful hints.  For instance, you need to dance for them, sing to them, draw pictures for them, and even hold their hand when they cross the street!  It's also very important to take a nap with them (so that they're not the only ones).  But most importantly, you need to give them lots of hugs and kisses -- because that is what grandmas and grandpas like best! (Summary from book flap)

My Review:  My youngest daughter is turning five tomorrow but still has a somewhat flawed selection process when it comes to choosing books at our local library.  Upon arrival, she runs to the kiddie section and proceeds to grab grab grab from the shelves until she has a Pisa-like tower of books and declares herself ready to check out.  As you might imagine, her reading choices can be somewhat hit and miss in the quality department and come story time, I usually regret my lack of guidance.  This has led to me reading far more Barbie and Biscuit books that a person really needs to read in a lifetime. However, very occasionally she manages to bring home a winner and this book is stinking adorable.

The Ultimate Guide to Grandmas & Grandpas is an adorably tongue-in-cheek care and keeping manual for the younger generations.  Each page shows a different set of animal grandparents and their grandchildren engaging in shenanigans and includes a little tip for kids on how to keep their grandparents safe, well-fed, and entertained.  Of course, there is the standard "let them spoil you" shtick but children are also directed to listen to their stories, gobble up the dinners they make, share their ice cream, go outside, and do fun things together.  There are even great little safety tips that any grandparent (or parent, really) can appreciate -- like being able to see your grandparents all the time "in case they run off" or hold their hand when they cross the street.  I can see it being a great gift for your little one to take with them the first time they stay the night at grandma and grandpas house OR (possibly even better) a great way to announce to your parents that they are becoming grandparents.  Either way, this book is a Goldilocks length for bedtime stories (not too long or too short) and would also work well as a read-together book for your up-and-coming reader.  I'm glad it managed to find its way home to us and I imagine we'll have to buy a few copies for the grandparents in our lives.

My Rating:  4.5 stars

For the sensitive reader:  As long as you have nice grandparents things should work out just fine.

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