Thursday, June 8, 2017

On This Day...

On this day in 2016, 
Nick and Tesla's Solar-Powered Showdown.  
Click here to  see what we thought!

On this day in 2015...
Dead Wake.  
Our review is HERE!!

On this day in 2014...
...we took a nap. 
But a day later we posted 

On this day in 2013...
We can't go into the details as they are top secret 
but we were too busy saving the world to post.

On this day in 2012...
We posted an awesome list (with links when available) 
of all the Newberry Medal and Honor Winners from 1922 to 2012.

On this day in 2011...
we won $532 million in the lottery and then lost it all playing blackjack.  
We were too busy bawling to post, but we pulled ourselves together 
and the next day we reviewed one of my favorite children's books HERE!

On this day in 2010...
we reviewed the final book in a fantastic series, HERE.

On this day in 2009...

We were underwhelmed.  HERE.

And on this day in 2008...
RFS was naught but a twinkle in my eye. 

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