Tuesday, August 29, 2017

My Favorite Quotes About Books

A book is a dream that you hold in your hand.
--Neil Gaiman--

There are many, many types of books in the world, which makes good sense as there are many, many types of people.
--Lemony Snicket--

All the reading she had done had given her a view of life that they had never seen.
--Roald Dahl--

That's the beauty of books. In so many ways, they never really end.
--Markus Zusak--

Once you have read a book you care about, some part of it is always with you.
--Louis L'amour--

That's the thing that sometimes happens when you read a really good book--you just want to read it all over again.
--Lauren Child--

Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.
--Frederick Douglass--

We read books to find out who we are.  What other people, real or imaginary, do and think and feel...is an essential guide to our understanding of what we ourselves are and may become.
--Ursula Le Guin--

A book is the most effective weapon against intolerance and ignorance.
--Lyndon Johnson--

There is no friend as loyal as a book.
--Ernest Hemingway--

Reading is the most important way to prepare for life.
--Lois Lowry--

Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.
--Jane Smiley--

And books, they offer one hope--that a whole universe might open up from between the covers, and falling into that universe, one is saved.
--Anne Rice--

There is no mistaking a real book when one meets it.  It is like falling in love.
--Christopher Morley--

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Literary Paraphernalia for the Unapologetic Book Addict

I don't know about you, but I tend to get a bit mesmerized and drooly by literary paraphernalia.  Book bags with obscure quotes that only Fahrenheit 451 lovers will appreciate.  T-shirts with the entire text of Pride & Prejudice.  Framed book pages.  Deathly Hallows key chains.  If I had unlimited funds, I'd probably be buried in all of it.  I've found a few website/links where you might find your own brand of paraphernalia.

50 Best Literary Gifts from Ebookfriendly
The Best Non-Book Gifts for Book Lovers from Huffington Post
20+ Awesome Gift Ideas for Book Lovers by BoredPanda
Browse Bookworm Gifts from Etsy
Pretty much anything from BookRiot
Browse Book Gifts from Pinterest (oh, it's divine)

PS.  I'm not getting paid for any of the links.  Just thought you'd like to join me in the salivating.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Graphic Novels--Gateway to Reading

I was never a graphic novel reader until the last few years.  And even then, it wasn't because it was something I was interested in.  No, my graphic novel consumption is because of my reluctant reader daughter.  Reading for my oldest came slowly, so very, painfully slowly.  Something I could hardly relate to and have found baffling as a parent. She loves to be read to, but to get her to sit down and read herself is a fight, regularly. Thankfully, there are so many more accessible books available to struggling readers today than there were when I was a child.  Here are some of the books that I've found for my girls that have made summer reading a delight and not a chore:

Ann M. Martin's Baby Sitters Club in conjunction with Raina Telegmeier:
Real Friends by Shannon Hale and LeUyen Pham:
 Image result for real friends book
Ever After High graphic novels by Leigh Dragoon and Jessi Sheron
 Image result for ever after high graphic novel
Black Princess series by Shannon Hale, Dean Hale and LeUyen Pham
 Image result for black princess graphic novel
Phoebe and Her Unicorn by Dana Simpson (series)
 Image result for phoebe and her unicorn
Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell
 Image result for image dork diaries 1
Trolls (series) by Dave Scheidt, Tini Howard, and Marie Condenzio:
 Image result for trolls graphic novel hugs and friends
A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle and Hope Larson:
 Image result for a wrinkle in time graphic novel
Descendants (series) by Disney:
 Image result for graphic novel disney descendants
Drama by Raina Telegmeier
Image result for raina telgemeier books
Ghosts by Raina Telegmeier
 Image result for raina telgemeier books
Sisters by Raina Telegmeier
 Image result for raina telgemeier books
Smile by Raina Telegmeier
 Image result for raina telgemeier books
Awkward by Svetlana Chmakova
 Image result for awkward book
Roller Girl by Victoria Jamieson

Image result for roller girl book
There are more, but I'm just scratching the surface of what's available and what will eventually be more age appropriate for my daughters.  Maybe one of these could be the gateway book for your child.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Have you met the Indie Next List?

Looking for a little somethin' somethin' to read and your FAVORITE book blog is stubbornly STILL on vacay?  Look no further than the Indie Next List.  It's a recommended reading list put together by Indiebound, an organization of independent booksellers.  You know, the people who read for fun and recommend books for a living?!  Trust me, they know of what they speak.  Check out the current Indie Next List here.  Oh, and they have an Indie Next Kids list as well.   As well as lists for paperbacksreading groups, and so on.  If we reviewed book sites, I'd give this one 5 Stars.

PS.  If you scroll down any of these linked pages you can pretty much browse all the lists they have ever made.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

An RFS Author Spotlight (Part Two)

Here at RFS, there is an author (or two) quite close to our heart.

RFS reviewer Lara Hays Zierke (under the name Lara Hays) has written several books in the piratical adventure romance genre that we'd love you to check out:  Ocean Swept, Undertow, Rebel Tide (not yet published), and several Oceanswept Chronicles.   They are clean, action-packed, and swoony.  You can find most of them for purchase here!

Image result for oceanswept trilogyImage result for oceanswept chronicles

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Books Turned Movies in 2017

Just came across this link to 25 books that will be released as movies in 2017.  Quite a few are already out and I'm excited about a good number of them! 

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

An RFS Author Spotlight (Part One)

Here at RFS we are just BEAMING with pride!

Natalie Perry,
former RFS reviewer and current ROCKSTAR food blogger at Perry's Plate, has just published her first cookbook: The Big Book of Paleo Slow Cooking (200 Nourishing Recipes That Cook Carefree, for Everyday Dinners and Weekend Feasts)

Natalie and I went to high school together.  Back then, her last name was different and so I didn't even know that the girl I went to high school with and the food blogger I was madly stalking for recipes were the same person until I emailed her a question and she responded with: MINDY?! MINDY IRVING?!  One thing led to another and she reviewed cookbooks for RFS for a while before deciding to focus solely on food blogging and making adorable babies, and has been profoundly successful at both.

I haven't received my copy yet, but here are just a few of my favorite recipes from Perry's Plate if you want to try them out...

You get the idea.  She's awesome.  

Elizabeth will be posting a review shortly, but we just couldn't wait to get the word out!  If you get a chance, check out her blogpick up her book and spread the word!

Thursday, August 3, 2017

On this Day...

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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Why We Do What We Do

It's no surprise to anyone that we here at Reading for Sanity kind of enjoy books. Reading is a necessity for us -- so much so that when my family moved this summer, instead of taking the much needed extra room and turning it into a guest room for out-of-state family (um, all of the them), I turned it into a library. Best. Decision. Ever. However, it saddens me when I hear so many individuals, kids and adults alike, who confess that they don't read anymore. Why?

I teach a Sunday School class and to my students' chagrin, I will absolutely NOT allow tech to be used in place of actual books of scripture. It's only taken one or two walks of shame to the library for these awesome kids to be trained, and we never have phones (ahem, Minecraft games) being used instead of bibles.

I found this article that resonated with me, and I want to get your thoughts on this. Have you noticed a change in your reading habits?



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