Thursday, August 24, 2017

Literary Paraphernalia for the Unapologetic Book Addict

I don't know about you, but I tend to get a bit mesmerized and drooly by literary paraphernalia.  Book bags with obscure quotes that only Fahrenheit 451 lovers will appreciate.  T-shirts with the entire text of Pride & Prejudice.  Framed book pages.  Deathly Hallows key chains.  If I had unlimited funds, I'd probably be buried in all of it.  I've found a few website/links where you might find your own brand of paraphernalia.

50 Best Literary Gifts from Ebookfriendly
The Best Non-Book Gifts for Book Lovers from Huffington Post
20+ Awesome Gift Ideas for Book Lovers by BoredPanda
Browse Bookworm Gifts from Etsy
Pretty much anything from BookRiot
Browse Book Gifts from Pinterest (oh, it's divine)

PS.  I'm not getting paid for any of the links.  Just thought you'd like to join me in the salivating.

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