Monday, October 23, 2017

Popcorn - Frank Asch

Summary: Sam Bear invites his friends to an impromptu Halloween party and asks them to bring a treat. (Summary from

My Review: Some books take you straight back to your childhood and, for me, Popcorn, is one of those books. Oddly enough, although I remember the book vividly, I don't remember who read it to me. Statistically speaking, it was either my mother or LeVar Burton (the dude from Reading Rainbow). Either way, I was mesmerized by the author's far-fetched story and characteristically wonderful illustrations. Here's the long and short of it...

Sam's parents leave him home alone while they go to a Halloween party. Is this good parenting? I don't know. The little bear's age is unclear.  As a kid, I just assumed they were amazing.  Sam decides to make the best use of his lack of supervision and throw a raging party while his folks are out. My inner wild child gave him props. After all of his be-costumed friends arrive toting popcorn, they get real crazy and throw it all in a big pot and cook it. Yes, that's right -- they are now operating the stove. As things heat up, popcorn begins to spill out of the pot and onto the floor (see picture below) and quickly fills the entire house. Sam's so-called friends immediately want to bail, but he forces them stay and help him eat up all the popcorn. The night ends with a frightful tummy ache for all involved and Sam manages to drift off to fitful slumber...that is until his parents come home (to nary a trace of revelry), and wake their baby bear to give him a surprise. You can probably guess what they brought, but for the sake of mystery, let's just say that Sam was not a happy camper.  End of story.

This book was written eons ago (okay, 1979) back when people were a lot less PC and snowflake-y about things.  Now, certain parents might try to ban this book for advocating neglect, the reckless application of the culinary arts, and overwhelmingly high-carb diets -- all the reasons I really liked it as a kid and still like it as an adult. After all, what fun is reading if you can't fly in the face of reason every now and again?  I recommend this book as a fast little read and great bed-time story for your little ones.  Just don't actually leave them alone with access to the stove and a gallon of popcorn.  Not for a while, anyway. 

My Rating: 4 Stars

For the sensitive reader:   Should be just fine.

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