Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Red - Liesl Shurtliff

Summary: Red is not afraid of the big bad wolf. She’s not afraid of anything . . . except magic.

But when Red’s granny falls ill, it seems that only magic can save her, and fearless Red is forced to confront her one weakness.

With the help of a blond, porridge-sampling nuisance called Goldie, Red goes on a quest to cure Granny. Her journey takes her through dwarves’ caverns to a haunted well and a beast’s castle. All the while, Red and Goldie are followed by a wolf and a huntsman—two mortal enemies who seek the girls’ help to defeat each other. And one of them just might have the magical solution Red is looking for. . . . (Summary and Image from

Review: I have a weakness for retold fairy tales. I love revisiting stories from my childhood and seeing the reimagined depth an author can breathe into them, especially when it’s well-done. I even like it when they tie in other stories, even if minutely.

Shurtliff has done a fantastic job here in expounding the story of Little Red Riding Hood, creating a world where the wolf may not be as terrible as we’ve come to imagine, and where the real villain may just be time. Her imagery and her characters made everything so immersive that I found difficulty in putting this book down. The storyline, typically one difficult to expand or flesh out, is so masterfully well done, skillfully interwoven with other fairy tales as needed, that it’s taken on a life of its own. 

My daughter had to read this for a school competition and begged me to read it as well. If you’re still looking for a good book to give the MG reader in your life, consider this one. Clean, well-written, fun, sweet - it checks all the boxes!

Rating: Four stars

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Jordan @ForeverLostinLiterature said...

This does sound like a lot of fun! I'll have to pick it up the next time I'm looking for a good retelling. Looks like a great one to recommend to some MG readers I know, also!


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