Monday, May 13, 2019

Courtney - John Burningham

Summary: When the children bring Courtney home he's just a loveable scruffy old dog. But the-mongrel-that-nobody-wants has the most amazing talents. He can cook! He can juggle! He can even play the violin! Then one day Courtney the wonder dog packs up his trunk and leaves home - but the children find out his helping paw is not far away. . . (image and summary from

My Review: In third or fourth grade, we had an assignment to bring a favorite picture book that we would read to the class.  I very nearly went with my default favorite book, Where the Wild Things Are, but then I went to the library and spotted Courtney (which is also my name), with the titular character being a dog (my favorite), and that was that.

Courtney is a simple story of three children who want a dog, and their parents finally agree, asking them to find a pedigreed hound.  However, the children ask an employee if there's a dog that nobody wants, and he introduces them to Courtney.  The children want him straightaway, and while the parents are at first upset that he's a mutt, they change their mind when Courtney proves to be more than just a regular old dog.

I always loved reading and looking at the art of Courtney's many talents, from juggling, to cooking, to being a hero.  The art itself is fairly simple, but suits the story, and the story is a fun little tale about a friend who will do anything for those he cares for, even when he seemingly isn't around anymore.

My Rating: Four Stars

For the sensitive reader: nothing much of note--the house starts on fire at one point with the baby trapped inside, but never fear, Courtney is a noble hero.

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