Friday, September 27, 2019

Free Form Friday - Interview with a Librarian: Recommendations for Reluctant Readers #1

Welcome to Free Form Friday! Today we have an interview with a children's elementary school librarian. Join me for a great discussion with my good friend Olivia on how to get reluctant readers reading, including LOTS of really great recommendations. I promise you'll find some books you hadn't heard of before and some excellent suggestions to get those reluctant readers in your life reading (and loving it!). You'll definitely find something you'll enjoy as well. We've broken this interview up into bite-sized chunks for you, beloved readers, so enjoy Part 1 today and watch for the next part in two weeks.

Links to Liv's recommendations Part 1:

Press Here, Herve Tullet   (Read our review here)
Mix It Up!, Herve Tullet   (Read our review here)
I am a Tiger, Kari Newson, Ross Collins (Illustrator)
The Book with No Pictures, B.J. Novak

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