Friday, November 1, 2019

Freeform Friday - Trip to Evermore, an Immersive Experience

One of the best things about reading is being transported--another time, another place, another life, another opportunity...It's truly the only way to live a thousand lives in just this one life we've been given. I love reading about different places and different times, and sometimes those places are so awesome that I wish I could go there. I'm obviously not alone in this, and one need not to look further than the Harry Potter amusement parks to know that there are worlds we just HAVE to experience for real; simply reading about them isn't enough.

There is a place in Pleasant Grove, Utah, called Evermore, that is just this--an opportunity to immerse yourself in a fantasy realm with real European-themed buildings, interesting characters and story lines, fun entertainment, and delicious food. The description on their website states, "An Experience Park Where Guests of All Ages Can Escape to a New Realm. Our Park Is Themed Like a European Village with Its Own Buildings, Citizens & Epic Story." It's our world but it's not. There are normal historical citizens, but there are a good deal of fantastical citizens as well, and there are different "seasons" throughout the year including Lore (a fall/Halloween theme that is dark and deliciously scary), Aurora (a beautiful Christmas theme with fantastic elements), and Mythos (a late summer Dragon Festival theme). They're all epic and seriously worth the trip. If you haven't been and you live close enough for a reasonable jaunt to the park, you should do it! If not--plan one! In the meantime, enjoy this three minute snapshot of the World of Lore at Evermore, where dressing up is not required but certainly makes it more fun and immersive.

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