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Firefly: The Unification War (Part One) - Joss Whedon, Greg Pack , Dan McDaid

If you haven't seen the Firefly television show or the Serenity movie, you might think about it before reading this book.  I'm  not sure this graphic novel will be fully understood or appreciated by someone not familiar with the Firefly 'verse.

Summary: From Joss Whedon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Marvel's The Avengers, comes a new era of Firefly, as the definitive story of the Unification War is told at last!

Captain Malcolm Reynolds thought he could outrun his past, but when a simple mission goes wrong, he's forced to confront it in the form of the Unificators, mercenaries deputized to hunt down war criminals...and they've got Mal and Zoe at the top of their list!  Ward can make villains of even the best men, and Mal's quest for redemption will put him at odds with his own crew, forcing him to make a choice: fix the past or fight for the future.

Along with Whedon, writer Greg Pak (Mech Cadet Yu, Totally Awesome Hulk, Weapon X) and artist Dan McDaid (Judge Dredd: Mega City Zero) take you back to the battleground where it all began...and reveal a secret history that might end it all.  (Summary from back of book - Image from

My Review:  If you've been around here at all lately, you know that I'm a huge fan of Firefly, a television show by Joss Whedon (Avengers, Buffy) which lasted only one season and was cancelled by morons, much to the dismay of its many loyal fans.  A movie called Serenity was made to give the fans some closure (and it was great), but, guess what? Years later, we still want more.  This summer, in a fit of withdrawal, I checked out all the Firefly related books available at my local library (even the graphic novels, which aren't usually my style) because I am just. that. desperate. for more of my favorite motley crew.  Enter Firefly: The Unification War (Part One), a graphic novel created by Joss Whedon, written by Greg Pak, and illustrated by Dan McDaid.

In this volume, a fiery malfunction and an explosive encounter strands the crew of Serenity on a isolated moon with a sidelined ship.  Not long after, Mal and Zoe are accused of war crimes and hunted by group of Alliance mercenaries.  The crew gets separated, baddies come out of the woodwork, and the shenanigans ensue.  This volume also teases, but doesn't fully delve into a significant shared backstory.  Basically, they give you just enough to torture you. *shakes fist at Josh and Greg

I liked this graphic novel a little better than one I reviewed back in October (Serenity: Leaves on the Wind).  I appreciated that there weren't any images of a sexually graphic nature and the lack of likeness in the artwork didn't bother me as much as it had previously.  My favorite aspect of the book was the beginning of each chapter which contained detailed artwork and a collection of well-loved quotes from show.  You know...

"That sounds like something out of science fiction.... You live on a space ship, dear."
"Ten percent of nothing is -- let me do the math here.  Nothing into nothin'.  Carry the nothing."
"I brought you some supper. But if you'd prefer a lecture I have a few very catchy ones prepped.  Sin and hellfire.  One has lepers."
"Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal."

That sort of thing.

Unfortunately, this volume felt more like a teaser than anywhere near a full story.  It ended abruptly with a cliffhanger, zero resolution, and rather sooner than I expected.  It was WHAM....To be continued.  The last thirty or so pages were a beautiful cover gallery, but I was still left wanting the rest of the story rather than just the beginning.  I went online to find the next volume only to discover it doesn't come out until December 17, 2019.  I realize to you that is yesterday, but I am writing this review in August.  So I have to wait.  You don't. 

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

For the Sensitive Reader: Some violence and biblical swearing (of the H and D) variety.  

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