Wednesday, December 4, 2019

DUH!: 100 Bar Trivia Questions You Should Know (And the Unexpected Stories Behind the Answers!) - By Geeks Who Drink (Edited by Christopher D. Short)

This book was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review.

Summary: 100 hilarious essays, based on blindingly obvious questions, from the creators of Geeks Who Drink—led by six-time Jeopardy! champion, Christopher D. Short.

The best trivia questions are usually the ones that are right on the tip of your tongue—so obvious that you may not know the answer offhand, but you should.

In Duh, Americas foremost masters of pub quiz, Geeks Who Drink, will take trivia lovers on a voyage through 100 of our face-palmiest questions. Along the way, well explore the blind hills and corners that make random knowledge so much fun. In hilarious, informative, bite-size essays, well explore such not-really-mysteries as:

-How many stars are on the Texas state flag?
-Odlaw is the nemesis of what kid book character?
-Whats the last word in the King James Bible?

Even if you already know the what”—and you might not!—well fill in the why.” And the when, where, and how. By the end you may feel dumber, but youll be smarter. We almost guarantee it!

By the way, that would be one (lone) star, Waldo, and Amen.” Duh!  
(Summary and image from Simon & Schuster.)

Review: Spoiler: This is a fun book.

If you grew up playing Trivial Pursuit, watching Jeopardy!, collecting weird facts that take too much space in your brain, this is the kind of book you’d like. Second spoiler: I am totally that kind of person.

However difficult it may be as you try to explain trivial to someone, try reviewing it! Topics in this book range all over the place. They’re broken into categories, thankfully, so it’s not an absolute hodge-podge of insanity some trivia books embrace. Further, the essays offering new and exciting tidbits of information are succinct, witty, and full of information. This book accompanied me on a (really long) road trip, but it was an awesome distraction for the whole car.

So, whether you’re boning up on trivia for Trivia Night, you just like collecting random tidbits of knowledge, or you’re just intrigued, check it out.

Rating: Four and a half stars

For the Sensitive Reader: some facts/essays are a little PG-13.

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