Friday, January 10, 2020

Freeform Friday: 15 of My Favorite Reading Challenges for 2020

It's that time of year when a lot of people starting thinking about goals.  Most of them seem to revolve around fitness, but why not set a goal to strengthen your brain with a few good books?!  There are a million reading challenges out there, but I've compiled/created a few of my favorites to give you a little inspiration.  If the numbers feel a little too hard/easy, feel free to tweak them to fit your needs, age, and abilities.  Several of them might even work well for your kiddos.

  • A Book a Week Challenge:  Read 52 books in 52 weeks. If this seems a little high, that's ok.  Maybe 12 books in 12 months is more your speed.  Set a goal that works for you!
  • The ABC Challenge: Read a title/author for every letter of the alphabet. (e.g. Ahab's Wife, Bird Box, Catch-22... OR Austen, Bradbury, Cisneros...)  
  • The Rainbow Challenge: Read books with colors in the title (e.g. A Clockwork Orange, Blue Asylum, Red Road, The Color Purple, White get the idea.)  
  • The Get Out of Your Comfort Zone Challenge: Read in a genre you've ordinarily snubbed.  Try some poetry.  Maybe read in the classics.  You might be surprised by what you find!  
  • The Book Swap Challenge - Get together with a friend and select 12 books for the other friend to read.  One for each month!
  • The 2020 Challenge:  Read 20 Fiction and 20 Non-fiction titles!  Not your thing?  Read 20 NYT Bestsellers and 20 Classics! 
  • The Read Outside Your Ethnicity Challenge:  Read a set number of books by authors from a different ethnic background/experience than your own.  
  • The Genre Gauntlet:  Read a book from 12 different genres.  Use this list or create your own: Classic, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Crime, Biography, Thriller, Self-Help, Mystery, Romance, Western, Dystopian Fiction, Memoir). 
  • Around the World Challenge:  Read books either set in or written by authors from around the world.  How many you read is up to you!
  • The Spiritual Feast Challenge: Read a book a month that feeds your soul.  This could be scripture or simply spiritual in nature.  Get ready to be uplifted!
  • The (Inter)Personal Improvement Challenge:  Read a book a month designed to help you become a better person or improve your personal relationships.  (e.g. The Anatomy of Peace, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, The Five Love Languages, etc.)
  • The Long Lost Love Challenge:  Sick of being disappointed with your TBR pile?  Re-read all your old favorites this year!  You already know it will be great!
  • The I'm Too Busy To Read Challenge:  Don't have time to sit down with a good book?  No worries!  'Read' with your ears!  Try listening to 1-2 books a month throughout the year, while you are busy doing other things. Folding laundry just got a gazillion times more fun!
  • The Clean Out Your E-Reader Challenge: We've all fallen victim to the free/reduced E-book.  Read 'em and delete that aren't worth keeping.  
  • The Trust Your Librarian Challenge:  Go to your local library and ask your favorite librarian(s) for their recommendations without giving them any qualifiers. I'm fairly certain they won't run out of suggestions, so your reading list can be as long or as short as you need.
BONUS CHALLENGES (for the serious reader only ;)
  • The TBR Challenge: We all have that To-Be-Read Pile.  Make it disappear!  Bwahahaa! Okay, we admit it.  This one might be a little unrealistic. 
  • READ THE BOOKS YOU ALREADY OWN:  Okay, this one is for me.  Clearly.
We hope you find a challenge that inspires you this year!  Let us know which challenge you like that best (or if you have one you'd like to share!)

Happy Friday!

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