Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Roar Like a Dandelion - Ruth Krauss (Illus. Sergio Ruzzier)

*I was given this book for free in exchange for an honest review*

Summary: Dance with a leaf. 
Jump like a raindrop. 
Sit in the sun and shine.

Not since A Hole is to Dig and Open House for Butterflies have we seen such electric and playful words on a page. This never-before-published story from Ruth Krauss -- one of the most beloved children's book authors of all time-- and celebrated artist Sergio Ruzzier is a remarkable collaboration that captures the timeless spirit of Krauss's signature wit and humor. Paired with Ruzzier's playful and irresistible drawings, this story will delight readers of all ages and inspire them to roar like dandelions. (Summary from book sleeve - Image from

My Review:  When Roar Like a Dandelion showed up in my mailbox, I was delighted by the front cover.  The illustration (of a roaring bee) was adorable and its title hinted at a cleverness inside I couldn't wait to explore, so I sat down my youngest (age 7) to give it a go. 

Roar Like a Dandelion
 is an ABC book with action phrases that begin with letters of the alphabet.  Some of the phrases are cute or silly (e.g. Butt like a billy goat, Kick away the snow and make spring come, Jump like a raindrop, Roar like a dandelion) while others were rather puzzling for both of us (e.g. Eat all the locks off the doors, Open your eyes, see the sea. Shut them fast, lock it inUndress to match trees in winter, Vote for Yourself).  It is in the artwork that this book truly shines.  The illustrations are filled with colorful, quirky animals acting out each phrase, be they silly or serious, and I could tell my daughter liked them by the way her eyes darted around as I read.

From an adult perspective, I felt a little let down by the book.  I think that some of the ''humorous' wording might go over the heads of younger readers, as if the reading level and the type of book didn't quite match up.  I could tell that my daughter didn't understand parts of it because she didn't laugh much while I was reading and I kept having to stop and point out what was 'funny.'  However, she did LOVE looking at the pictures and at the end of the book.  When I asked her if she liked the book, she gave me an enthusiastic 'Yes!' and proceeded to "butt" me like a billy goat. WHAM! So that's something.  For my part, I think the artist outdid the writer on this one, but it might be worth a look at your local library to see if it is your kid's kind of quirky.

My Rating:  2.5 Stars

For the sensitive reader:  All clear.  Unless you take issue with animals behaving in a human-like way.

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