Friday, March 20, 2020

Freeform Friday: A Reading of the Grimm Brothers' Story, "The Three Brothers"

I don't know how it's going for you all out there with your #socialdistancing, but things are getting a little cray cray around here and we're only a few days in (the fact that I even wrote "cray cray" is a big deal). I had originally planned another "Interview with a Librarian" for you with a librarian you haven't met yet about a really cool topic, but then The World Changed and so here we are. You're stuck with the musings of my family and our social distancing.

Because we now have A LOT more time on our hands with everybody home from school and my husband working from home and me having everything cancelled (just like everyone in the land) we've started reading longer stories to everybody at night. We've been reading some Grimm's Fairy Tales out of a simplified version. They're weird, yo, so it led me down a path to look into the ones that were originally published by James Grimm. They are now in the public domain, so my family decided to take it upon themselves to bring you along in our journey of the weirdness of The Brothers Grimm. Been listening to celebrities read cute stories? Been enjoying Olaf reading to you on Twitter every night? This is not that. This is my husband in his storytelling voice and my kids of various ages drawing some weird pictures to go with it. Bring your kids, huddle in, and enjoy this four minute OG of "The Three Brothers" by Grimms. This edition is the original from The Project Gutenberg eBook.

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