Friday, May 15, 2020

Freeform Friday: Ask a Theater Professor with Janine Sobeck Knighton

Today we have a really great interview for Freeform Friday. If you've ever wondered about plays as literature, how to adopt books into plays, how to read plays, and where to even find a play to read, you'll love this interview! It's jam-packed full of good info and tips of how to explore the theatrical part of literature. It's basically like your favorite university course jam-packed into one short video. I've included some time stamps below for easy access to questions and information and when to find it in the video link. Enjoy!

(:58) Plays as Literature
(3:23) How do you adapt a book into a play?
(13:18) How do we read a play?
(14:27) Finding user-friendly plays to read
(16:05) The best way to read a play
(19:23) One of Janine's favorite playwrights
(21:18) What do we need to know as a lover of books who wants to read a play?

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