Friday, December 11, 2020

Freeform Friday: President of the Whole Fifth Grade - Sherri Winston

Summary: When Brianna Justice's hero, the famous celebrity chef Miss Delicious, speaks at her school and traces her own success back to being president of her fifth grade class, Brianna determines she must do the same. She just knows that becoming president of her class is the first step toward her own cupcake-baking empire!

But when new student Jasmine Moon announces she is also running for president, Brianna learns that she may have more competition than she expected. Will Brianna be able to stick to her plan of working with her friends to win the election fairly? Or will she jump at the opportunity to steal votes from Jasmine by revealing an embarrassing secret? (summary and image from

My Review: This book was really cute, and Brianna had the perfect kid voice.  I just love how dramatic kids can be about seemingly little things, and I cracked up every time Brianna's 'enemy' Jasmine did something that set her off, or the way Brianna would hastily jump to conclusions and believe she was in the right.  I also particularly loved her exclamation of the word 'FOOLISHNESS!' at intervals.  Seriously, she just felt like such a real and funny kid!  It was great, the author really captured the feel of a fifth grader.

(Another thing I loved was how she kept insisting that she was going to be a millionaire cupcake maker, it was just such a kid thing to say and every time she talked about her dream to be a millionaire by making cupcakes I just smiled.) 

Brianna's relationships with her friends was also well written, and how she gets so carried away with the election that she starts to forget what's really important--and that shows in how she treats her friends, but at the same time doesn't think she's in the wrong.  I thought that was well played, because often in life, we think we're in the right and can't see what we're doing wrong.  

This book also had a fun way of interspersing real history about past presidents, silly facts about them that Brianna would use in her campaign, ways she acted like them (for bad or good) and how she used their examples to eventually try and be a better person for the good of her school instead of just for the good of herself.  Overall, this was a fun and warm story about personal growth.

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

For the sensitive reader: nothing big, but Brianna does disobey the rules a few times and gets into trouble for it.

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