Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Among the Ten Thousand Things - Julia Pierpont

Summary: Jack Shanley is a well-known New York artist, charming and vain, who doesn't mean to plunge his family into crisis.  His wife, Deb, gladly left behind a difficult career as a dancer to raise the two children she adores.  In the ensuing years, she has mostly avoided coming face-to-face with the weaknesses of the man she married.  But then an anonymously sent package arrives in the mail: a cardboard box containing sheaves of printed emails chronicling Jack's secret life.  The package is addressed to Deb, but it's delivered into the wrong hands: her children's.  

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My Review:  Among the Ten Thousand Things has been described as "a luscious, smart summer novel," "obsessively compelling," and "emotionally sophisticated."  Clearly, there are people in the world who read this book, finished, and loved it.   Alas, I am not one of them.

Initially, this story is about a mysterious box left for a woman that gives evidence of her husband's secret life.  I was hopeful it would contain all the details of his secret spy life, but it did not.  Instead it held printed copies of all the text messages between said man and his mistress, some of which were very explicit.  I hoped the book would focus more on the repercussions of the box than its contents and continued to read, but as the text messages made their way onto the page, I decided to call it quits.  I just couldn't stomach the profanity and sexually graphic text.  It's entirely possible that the novel improves after a few chapters and never touches on the subject again, but ultimately, I decided it wasn't for me. 

My Rating: 1 Star.  Did not finish.

For the sensitive reader:  This book is not for those sensitive to profanity or sexually explicit text.

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