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I've Got It Covered: The Essential Guide to Closing the Life of Your Loved One - Dana G. Artzer

Summary: I've Got it Covered is an essential tool to help keep you organized now and prepare your loved ones for your final journey home.  It is beautifully designed, with simplicity in mind for both the person filling it out and the person using it.  It allows for quick and effortless location of important information when needed.  When completed and combined I've Got it Covered will supply you and your loved ones with ALL your important personal information such as: financial, social media, account numbers, policy numbers, last wishes, etc., as well as where all important legal documents are located.  When you are called to your eternal home, I've Got it Covered will gently guide your loved ones through the process of closing your life in a timely and efficient manner.  I've Got it Covered is full of valuable tips to save your family valuable time, considerable effort, and undue frustration during one of their most difficult times.  (Summary from - Image from publisher - This book was given to me for free in exchange for my honest review)

NOTE: Not long after I received this book and jotted down my thoughts, I sent it off to my 69-year old father to flip through and fill out.  I love him dearly and hope to have him around for a good long while, but he is the type to want to have his affairs in order and I knew he would appreciate it.  I won't be able to tell you how I've Got it Covered fared on the practical for another 30+ years (hopefully), so for now you get my 'thoughts' rather than a typical review.

My Thoughts: We never want to think about the death of a loved one. Our natural inclination is to push it to the back of our minds and pretend it will never happen. However, the reality is that sooner or later a loved one will pass on and remaining family must make arrangements, close accounts, file documents, and generally take responsibility for wrapping up their earthly affairs.

I've Got It Covered: The Essential Guide to Closing the Life of Your Loved One was created to make the transition process easier for those left behind. It can be filled out by a loved one concerned for their aging family member, a parent hoping to 'get things in order' in the event of their own passing, or anyone who simply wants to keep all their essential information in one place "just in case." 

Before I even opened the guide, I was impressed by the cover image, which felt peaceful and comforting. Structurally, the pages inside are well-organized and give plenty of space for the reader to fill-in the specific names, phone and account numbers, emails, and other essential information they want their loved ones to have. The guide is spiral-bound, which allows the guide to lay flat so it can be filled out without the pages flipping shut and smearing the ink.

In the first section, I've Got it Covered provides a series of valuable tips concerning what to do soon after a loved one's passing, when emotions are likely to be high and ordinarily common sense steps might be forgotten. These range from simple reminders, like cleaning out the fridge and properly disposing of medications, to more complex tasks such as how to obtain a death certificate and what entities require them, as well as how to notify financial institutions, contact service providers, and inform government agencies. Other pages provide prompts and leave space to fill out the necessary information. Here are some of the topics covered:

  • Who to call (outside of regular family)
  • Estate Planning 
  • Financial Accounts 
  • Retirement Accounts 
  • Sources of Income 
  • Safe Codes and Safety Deposit 
  • Insurance (Life, Medical, Home, Auto) 
  • Health Care Providers 
  • Personal Information 
  • Pet Instructions 
  • Home and Utilities 
  • Information Regarding Family, Friends, and Neighbors 
  • Credit Information and Debts 
  • Property (including land, vehicle, and firearms) 
  • Favorite Charities 
  • Memberships & Subscriptions 
  • Email, Social Media, Websites & Blogs 
  • Items loaned & items borrowed 
  • The location of hidden items 
  • And more...
Additionally, there are places to note revisions, tasks/completed tasks, make additional notes, and a place to include a final message. 

Personally, I believe that it would be incredibly helpful and comforting to have so much essential information at my fingertips when the time comes. The overall feel of I've Got it Covered is compassionate, rather than clinical, and I believe that it has the potential to provide a critical service and valuable peace of mind during an undoubtedly arduous and overwhelming task.

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Megthered said...

I was the caretaker for both my parents when they were diagnosed with Alzheimer. I really could have used something like this. I muddled through but it was difficult. I made my own notebook when I had to go through their house.


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