Monday, January 11, 2021

Perfectly Impossible - Elizabeth Topp


Summary: Elizabeth Topp's PERFECTLY IMPOSSIBLE, about a 30-something personal assistant who manages the life of an over-the-top Upper East Side matriarch, and the unlikely partnership that emerges, to Carmen Johnson at Little A. (Summary and pic from

My Review: I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

I have to admit that I don’t read a ton of women’s lit, and I haven’t indulged in the reality TV/movies/books that have dealt with topics of women—really, really wealthy women—and their various shenanigans and hijinks. And also—the level of pampering is just something I am completely unfamiliar with in this upper echelon of the elite. I mean, I had heard of the treatments that were happening (botox/peels/facials/etc) but I have certainly never met anyone who has them all in one week (if at all). Apparently I need to watch a little more Kardashians? Or not…

Anyway, so this book was all about that. Wealthy, wealthy women (the much-maligned one percenters) who spend their time perfecting their beauty and then spend their time helping out causes they may or may not actually care about for real or even really understand, and then a not insubstantial time hating their peers and such. I mean, what’s not to love about that life?


Reading this book was a journey into that world, one in which there were so many problems that were so unrelatable to me that it was almost refreshing. I could leave my peasant life behind and snark on those who have more money than basically anything else. The whole thing is told tongue-in-cheek, and basically none of the characters are relatable in any way whatsoever. Even Anna, the assistant, whose viewpoint guides the story, leads such a foreign life that any sense of connecting to her is lost in the ridiculousness of things she has to do for her employer. I found it fascinating and a look into a world that I have no connection to, will never have a connection to, and don’t want a connection to. However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy the escape! I mean, I know that I should be eating salads and lean meats and watching out for high sodium, but really, sometimes I just want a big fat ice cream with all the toppings and a waffle cone. This was that big fat ice cream. And when Covid’s got ya down, and the world is crazy and politics are unfathomable, sometimes a little indulgence is not a bad thing, IMHO.

Will you be swept up in the epic literacy of it all in this book? Will you be forever changed on how you want to live your life and benefit humanity as a whole? Prolly not. However, will you be thrust diamond (CZ)-earrings deep into a hilarious escape from All the Things? You bet.

If you’re into watching any kind of reality TV or movies about uber rich women or love to read about all the one percenter lives you’ll never live, this is totally your jam.

My Rating: 3 stars

For the sensitive reader: There is some language and mild discussion of sex. It’s all pretty tame.

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