Thursday, April 15, 2021

The Chickadees and the Moon Above - Sara A. Simon

Summary:  Mother Chickadee loves her chicks.  She knows they will grow up and one day leave the next.  She wants them to become the best chickadees that they can be.  But no matter how far away they go, she tells hem to look up at the moon and think of her...and she will be looking at the same moon and thinking of them, too.  

(Summary from book - Image from - Book given for free in exchange for an honest review)

My Review:  The Chickadees and the Moon Above tells the story of a loving Mama Chickadee who tries to prepare her young ones (and herself) for the moment when they are ready to fly away and be their best bird-selves.  In doing so, she reminds them that wherever they are, whatever they do, and whoever they become, each can always look at the moon, think of the other, and know they are loved.  

The Chickadees and the Moon Above uses soothing watercolors and simple prose to help chickadees (of all ages) acknowledge and prepare for the pain of separation, but also celebrates the joy of finding a new path.  It also subtly points out that different chicks may find their happiness in different places and define success in different ways.  While the text didn't offer any tangible steps to help prepare for and/or embrace the separation, I still think it would make a thoughtful gift for a mother or child whose 'nesting' situation is about to change.   

My little chickadees are growing up and the oldest is set to leave the nest in the next year and so.  This book definitely brought some of those emotions forward (my eyes may or may not have 'welled' a bit).  I loved the illustrations, especially the image of the Mama Chickadee with her sweet babies gathered round.  If I had to pick one point on which to offer critical feedback it would be that I felt the font (black with a white halo effect) competed with, rather than complemented, the illustrations. Overall, it was a tender and bittersweet reminder of love never lost, the place we call home, and the moon that connects us all. 

My Rating: 3.5 Stars

For the Sensitive Reader:  All Clear.

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