Thursday, October 7, 2021

I'm a Feel-O-Saur - Lezlie Evans & Kate Chappell (Illustrator)

Summary:  Emotions are inside us all.  Some are big and some are small.  So many moods we all go through...What kind of FEEL-O-SAUR are you?  Whatever mood you're in today, it's all OK!  

- Happy-saurus
- Grumpy-saurus
- Silly-saurus
- Angry-saurus
- Shy-o-saurus
- and more!

I'm a Feel-o-saur helps young readers explore all the different feelings that everyone has!

(Summary from book - Image from - This book was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review)

My Review:  Kids can be so many things. Happy. Shy. Angry. Sad. Silly. Scared. Excited.  Bored. Grumpy. Brave.  Heck, the toddler set can be all of those things in under a minute.  Unfortunately, it's not always easy for Little Ones to know what to do with strong emotions. I'm a Feel-o-saur is a kid-friendly guide to human emotions, designed to help children identify how they are feeling and how to process those feelings in healthy ways.  The author introduces ten different feel-o-saurs (aka kids experiencing different emotions), using short poems to illustrate how a child may be feeling and suggest ways to work through those emotions.  The cheery marigold cover, colorful characters, and lilting prose are sure to captivate the interest of any young readers (especially dino-lovers), while the meaningful message will undoubtedly appeal to parents.  

So often, children are taught to deny or mishandle their feelings -- to contain their excitement, mask their fear, tame their silliness, and bottle their anger.  I'm a Feel-o-saur teaches children that they don't need to be afraid of their emotions ('Feelings change throughout the day, some up, some down, and that's okay!'); instead, they have the power to choose how to react when they have strong feelings.    I especially loved the final page which contains all ten feel-o-saurs and gives a specific activity for each that might be helpful in that moment.  If we can raise a generation of children that can recognize, acknowledge, and act in healthy ways as they manage their feelings, we will be in a much better place than we are right now.  Thankfully, I'm a Feel-o-saur is an encouraging step in the right direction.

If you look carefully at the cover of this book, you'll see that the 'feel-o-saurs' are actually a group of young children expressing a specific emotion while dressed in a dinosaur costume.  I think it is important that children see themselves somewhere on the page of their favorite books, so I really appreciate the inclusive scope of the book, which incorporated girls (as well as boys) and was ethnically diverse.  More kiddos will be able to point at this book and say 'that's me!'  Hooray!

Long story short, I'm a Feel-o-saur achieves the oft sought after but rarely attained Children's Book 'Trifecta' -- a story that is engaging, meaningful, and the *perfect* length for a bedtime story.  I highly recommend it for your Little feel-o-saurs.  

My Rating: 4.25 Stars

For the Sensitive Reader:  All clear.

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