Mindy is the creator and administrator of Reading for Sanity: A Book Review Blog.  She is also a 39-year-old mother of four girls who contribute greatly to her happiness... and her unbalanced mental state. She's been married to her hubs for 18 crazy years and loves reading far more than is socially acceptable. This blog is her outlet, her saving grace, and her sanity. It's a little sad...but also not. 

Mindy loves reading all kinds of books but adores YA Fiction, Non-fiction, and Food Lit. She don't read very many mysteries or uber-depressing memoirs since she's all about the happy ending right now--and those genres rarely have them.

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Ashley has always loved reading. Growing up, she read anything and everything, though she almost forgot how to read for fun when she was working on her Masters of Public Administration (MPA). A random book club invitation during that fateful time reminded her of that love and she’s never looked back.

Now, she’s a member of two book clubs and is a voracious reader on her own, choosing from a wide range of genres and styles that are almost as varied as the many facets of her private life. She’s a wife and a mother to three little hooligans, is a professional harpist, a piano teacher, a mighty huntress with her dad, a somewhat willing member of PTA, and more. 

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Elizabeth knew her reading “habit” had reached epic proportions when, a million years ago, her fourth grade teacher banned her from reading War and Peace. Despite numerous book club interventions attempting to get her nose out of a book, she's still reading … to the detriment of her ironing basket. She's happy reading anything from children’s fiction to political philosophy and theory and everything in between, as long as it’s not self-help.

When Elizabeth is pretending to live in the real world, she is a mother to three amazing kids, who are already showing their genetic weaknesses for a good book, wife to an amazingly understanding non-reader, and teaches R.I.P.P.E.D. and Zumba for fun.

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Kari is a 7th grade Language Arts teacher, wife, and mommy of two girls. Her way of releasing stress for as long as she can remember is from reading books. As a young child she was known to get in trouble for staying up way past her bed time reading by shoving a blanket under her door so the bedside lamp light wouldn't give her away. Kari's typical reading material is focused on Young Adult Lit. She usually likes books that don't leave her depressed from the realities of our world--it is an escape, isn't it? She loves book recommendations though!

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Lara doesn't mean to brag but in second grade her class had a reading contest and she won by a landslide. She loves reading and makes time for it (nearly) every day. Her weakness is Y/A. She pretends she's above all the love triangles, but she's not kidding anyone. She loves a good teenage coming of age story. She also loves historical fiction, fantasy, and contemporary Y/A. She's pretty burned out on dystopian novels. She loves a good book that makes her cry. Her favorite authors are Avi, Lois Lowry, and Neil Gaiman. 

She is a wife and a mother of two young girls. She works full-time as a marketing copywriter. She's also the board of directors for my oldest daughter's daycare. She has written and independently published two Y/A historical fiction novels. She takes her Kindle with me wherever she goes and reads as much as she can, often staying up way later than she should. Thank goodness for Diet Coke and a decent eye cream. 

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Past Reviewers

Court loves a good story well told in any format, though books generally take a preference.  Drawn to children's literature (particularly if animals are involved), the love doesn't stop there: at age twelve she once attempted to read every classic that was featured in the show about the book-loving dog 'Wishbone' (and didn't quite make it).

A fan of the dark, quirky and often macabre, she likes monsters of all sorts and collects animal skulls.  Court works in an office by day, writes novels by night, and does her best to believe six impossible things before breakfast.

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Emily is oh-so-smuggly proud of how much faster she can read than her husband. Having two kids is a convenient excuse for how little (reading, or anything else) she gets done.

Emily likes a book that would result in a good book club discussion. She tends to gravitate towards non-fiction memoir type books because too many novels make her feel emotionally manipulated. However she is always looking for those few novels that she can describe as "compelling." Don't ask her to explain what that means, she only knows it when she sees it. She likes books that make her examine her personal beliefs or ask "how would I react to this?"

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Heather is a thirty-something, busy mother of two who finds reading to be an escape from everyday life.  There is nothing that she enjoys more than curling up with a good book and "getting away" for a couple of hours.  She loves all types of books and her selections usually reflect her moods for the current time.  She would define herself as a true bookaholic.  

You are most likely to find Heather with a contemporary adult fiction novel--not to be confused with chick lit. Although she hasn't read a ton of nonfiction or YA fiction in the past, she finds herself enjoying these genres more and more. She LOVES children's books and reads a minimum of two of these each day (even if it is the same 2 for weeks straight!)
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Natalie is a 30-year-old mom with two little girls and a whole lot more pink in her home than she'd prefer. If she's not reading a cookbook or an issue of Bon Appetit you can find her either sucked into the latest YA fiction black hole (ahem, Hunger Games) or reading (mostly) non-fiction books to her husband in the car and before bedtime.

Natalie spends most of her free (?) time working on her own sanity project, Perrys' Plate, a recipe blog that dictates what her family eats for dinner and how long they have to wait for said dinner while she photographs it. They're good sports.

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Kim reviews predominantly crime/thriller novels and is the mother of two beautiful kids, a homemaker and a wife. She loves to read and has since she was very young. Her favorite thing to do is lay in bed next to her warm and cuddly husband and enjoy a good read--this is extra special because her husband is an avid reader as well. Twice as many awesome books to discuss!

Kim likes to read any type of book. She enjoys a wide nonfiction genre including political type books, memoirs, etc. She loves a good love story, but needs a little drama or mystery to keep her hooked:) She also likes a good mystery/thriller but prefers to stay on the light side when it comes to gore and graphic imagery. Historical fiction is quickly climbing her list as well.

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Chris was our LDS lit reviewer and the mother of six mostly-grown children.  She loves to refinish furniture, go on bike treks with her husband, and read, read, READ--especially LDS fiction. She is very good at weeding out the trash from treasure and I know that any book she recommends will be fun and blush-free (well, mostly).

This is also the woman who can, almost single-handedly, take credit for my love of reading. From Anne of Green Gables and Little House on the Prarie, to Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, my love of reading was sparked by her--reading to me. Thanks, Mom!

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Daniel is a freelance editor, amateur curmudgeon, and full-time father of two children who are better-looking and more talented than he is. His life revolves around books--collecting them, producing them, critiquing them, copying them out by hand, interpreting them, burning them, and even occasionally reading them.
Daniel reads both fiction and nonfiction, but prefers the works that fall in the cracks between them--holy books and wild rantings, poetry and mythology, mystic visions, fantastic theories, and news articles. He'll read anything that crosses his path, but only buys the books that he suspects will scramble his mind and leave him unfit for mingling in society.

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